About Distefano Consulting

Sooner or later everyone needs a little extra help with their computer, software or Internet access. We keep you focused on running your business, not on fixing your computer. We are dedicated to ensuring that you and your staff can rest easy knowing that we're here to help.

You already have your hands full taking care of your customers, your employees and your family. Why spend the few free hours you have attempting to install and configure cranky computers. You have better things to do with your valuable time.

Who we serve:

  • Small medical practices
  • Multi-office medical practices
  • Sole proprietorships
  • Accounting offices
  • Financial service advisors
  • Restaurants and bistros

What we do and how we do it

We can take care of all your computer needs and make sure the job is done right, the first time. And when the unexpected occurs we are just a phone call away. For many issues, we can just connect remotely to your computer, diagnose and resolve the problem. In minutes, you can be back to work even before you hang up the phone. In the unlikely event, we need to visit your location to fix a problem, we use the information gathered remotely to come prepared to the resolve your issue in the same visit.

All this adds up to keeping you focused on serving your customers, just as we serve you!

Maybe you just need that one computer fixed or a printer installed. No problem! No job is too small, and no long-term commitment is required. Just give us a call! 860-874-3433.
Moving your office? Setting up your first network? Installing or changing Internet Service Providers? We can do it. Again, no long-term commitment is required. We come in, do the job, train you or staff and that's it! Sure we will gladly answer any questions you have and be there should other projects come up, we will be there to help when you need it! Again, no long-term commitment! Just give us a call! 860-874-3433.
Want someone to handle anything that might come up? Perform regular periodic maintenance AND be on call for those inevitable emergency situations? We have several flexible ways to provide the services you need, when you need them. Long term commitments are available as well! Just give us a call! 860-874-3433.


Computer and network setup and troubleshooting

Quick and efficient setup of new computer hardware on your network is essential for productivity. We have been setting up computers and networks for as long as they have been around. We are familiar with all major brands of computers hardware and software and can get you up and running as soon as your new equipment is delivered. We'll even help select the perfect equipment for your needs.

Software installation and configuration

Proper initial setup of software is will pay handsome dividends in your productivity. New software is being written every day. Why not take advantage of these improvements? Give yourself the competitive edge you need to grow your business.

End-user support

The best and the brightest will always have questions about how to use the tools and resources better and more efficiently. We can answer those questions and when a problem comes up, we can help you solve it!

Manage system updates

Software makers spend millions to continually improve their products and correct the inevitable errors, which if left unfixed could leave you vulnerable to attack from hackers. Yet you may wonder if it's safe to apply every patch that finds its way to you. We take the worry and guesswork out of process. We will make sure your systems are safely patched and kept up-to-date!

Software license management

In today's environment of "download this" it's easy to end up with software licensing headaches. Our software inventory services cure those headaches. We keep meticulous records of any software we acquire on your behalf. And we can automatically monitor your systems for new software additions so that you have a record of anything new that is added in a timely manner.

Internet access

Today almost every piece of software and hardware requires access to the Internet to get the most out them. We take care of selecting the right Internet service and keeping your office on-line. We will coordinate the installation, recommend the right network hardware and security devices and make sure everyone in your organization has the access and tools they need to get the job done.

Remote troubleshooting

A wise man once said, "A picture is worth a 1,000 words". When you or your employees have a question or a problem we can "remotely" access your system and guide you through the solution. You don't have to wait for someone to drive out to your office. We can be with you in the time it takes to place a phone call.

Email and domain names

You are justifiably proud of your business. You have gone to great lengths to make sure your name is known. You wouldn't think of handing someone a business card that had another company's name on it, or of telling a customer to send the check to "Occupant". The same goes for your on-line presence! Tell the world who you are! [email protected], NOT [email protected]. We'll help you register an appropriate business domain name and setup email addresses that clearly announce your business is the recipient. We will always make sure that you own all rights to your domain name.

Website design and hosting

What is the right website for your business? We will guide you through setting up a website that works for you. And we will keep it up to date for you. It can change as your business changes. And best of all, you are not stuck with cases of outdated promotional materials when something does change!

Let's Work Together!